We offer optimal recovery from COVID-19 with our dedicated Post-acute Covid-19 rehab

Being India’s first comprehensive continuum care provider enables us to extend unparalleled Post –Covid care to patients with post-covid complications such as critical illness polyneuropathy(CIP), Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), Sepsis, multi-organ failure, and cardiac injury.

Our 24 hours Post-Covid care service with our unique patient-centric approach has helped patients make remarkable progress in their functional capacity, breathlessness, oxygen dependency, and anxiety levels within just a month of rehabilitation at our Post-Covid care center in Bangalore.

How our post-covid rehab helps in SARI management in COVID-19

Onsite Doctors

24/7 Consultants (MD, MBBS)

Onsite Nurses

24/7 ICU Trained Nurses

Expert Therapists

Cardio-pulmonary therapists,Respiratory Therapists, Clinical Psychologists, Music, Yoga Therapists and Dietitians

Trained Caregivers

Dedicated 24/7 experienced bed-side-caregivers (male and female)

Personalised Care

The best individual outcome-based post-covid rehab care plan

Private Rooms

Well-appointed individual rooms with all modern amenities.

Cutting-edge technology

Highly efficient online patient-monitoring system

Homely Environment

Supervised and secured homely set-up

Our Holistic approach

Our comprehensive Post Covid Care by our multidisciplinary team

Our in-house experienced dietitians

Assess the patients’ nutritional status, refer to medical reports, consult family, take into account patient preferences, and formulate a personalized moderate protein diet rich in zinc and iron that boosts immunity.

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About US

We know the pain people experience while grappling with a chronic illness and our goal is to alleviate that pain. We are Sukino, India’s first continuum care provider.

We have sensed an intrinsic need for bridging the gap between post-hospital discharge and optimal recovery for patients especially those in need of transitory care. Our team has worked ceaselessly towards formulating a comprehensive healthcare module that offers the finest quality continuum of care services using a combination of clinical expertise, skilled manpower, and advanced technology

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