When it comes to caring for your loved ones, compromise can never be an option.

For your family members requiring long-term ICU care, most doctors and hospitals advice to provide this care at home. Especially if no active intervention is required.

However, setting up an entire ICU at home is a detailed procedure and can give you endless emotional and monetary worries.

This is how we take away your worries

  • Uninterrupted treatment- Our ICU care at home set-up helps continue the critical care patients require after discharge from the hospital without any lapses.
  • Individualized care- Our setup includes doctor, ICU-trained nurse, experienced therapists, and bedside caregiver support to care for the patient round the clock.
  • Reduced threat of infection-The patient can heal and recover better at home without being at risk of acquiring any kind of infection from the hospital.
  • Home environment-Patients get an opportunity to recover faster and better within the comfort of their own home.
  • Reduced cost- The cost per day of our ICU at-home setup is almost 50% lesser as compared to the ICU cost in the hospital
  • Stress-free recovery- All our staff are extremely well-trained and the equipment we use undergoes a thorough quality-check for a hassle-free recovery.

We have been providing this service to:

  • Patients requiring step down and critical ICU care
  • Patients in palliative stages
  • Comatose patients

This is what our package includes:

  • Non –Invasive ventilators- (BiPAP, CPAP)
  • Hospital cots
  • Oxygen concentrator
  • Cardiac Monitor
  • Suction Machine
  • Our ICU setup is available with critical nursing services. All our nurses are ICU trained and groomed to be more like companions to patients.
  • We offer on-premise(need-based physical visits) as well as continuous virtual monitoring by our senior team of consultants.
  • We offer personal or specialized bedside caregiving to patients based on their individual needs through our skilled and affectionate caregivers .
  • We offer personal or specialized bedside caregiving to patients based on their individual needs through our skilled and affectionate caregivers .
  • We provide all the ICU consumables required based on the clinical assessment conducted by our doctors.


Our Holistic Approach

  • A detailed assessment by our entire team consisting of doctors, therapists, nurses, psychologists, and dietitians
  • Identification of the severity of the condition and comorbidities
  • Creation of a personalized goal-oriented treatment plan
  • Careful monitoring and weekly assessments
  • Review and modification of the care plan
  • A post-discharge care plan to maintain uninterrupted care

About Us

We know the pain people experience while grappling with a chronic illness and our goal is to alleviate that pain. We are Sukino, India’s first continuum care provider.

We have sensed an intrinsic need for bridging the gap between post-hospital discharge and optimal recovery for patients especially those in need of transitory care. Our team has worked ceaselessly towards formulating a comprehensive healthcare module that offers the finest quality continuum of care services using a combination of clinical expertise, skilled manpower, and advanced technology.


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Sukino Continuum Care Facility
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