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Navzer Kothawala and Mrs. Shahnaz Kothawala

  It is with deep gratitude and heartfelt appreciation that I write to thank you for the exceptional and excellent services rendered by your administrative and nursing staff. My wife was discharged from Colombia Asia hospital with a spinal injury and advised strict bed rest. We approached Sukino Healthcare for handling assistance. Right from the first contact person …to each person involved in the chain, my wife and I have only words of praise and sincere thanks. From the first phone call onwards it was only greater relief we felt at each stage and the confidence that we had made the right choice and were in good hands. Right from day one,… we were comforted and led along the path to recovery in the most efficient, compassionate, devoted and commendable manner. We sincerely thank you Sir, and your staff for all your help and wish you the very best in your noble endeavour. 


 I thought my pain was due to the surgery but it was the Sukino nurse that pointed out the reality of the condition to me. Thanks to him I am very comfortable now. 

Mr. Joy K V

 Sukino's staff has helped me manage my illness better by performing procedures like Tracheostomy which I feared would not be possible within the comforts of my home. I must say that the staff is extremely experienced and well trained and I am so glad I opted for them for my home care. 


 I am extremely grateful to the staff of Sukino for being there at a time when anything could have happened to me if I had not received timely treatment. They took care of me as my own family would and I am very relieved to have them around. 


 Sukino team has been my walking stick and a constant support to help me get back on my feet. 


 Sukino delivers. Their staff is very knowledgeable and well geared to handle medical procedures at home.  


 I have never seen the staff get upset or irritated with me. They are always smiling. I wonder how they manage to keep their calm amongst all the illness and pain. Hats off to them.  

Mr. Shakti Das

  My family was sure they would have to re‐admit me in the hospital until we hired staff from Sukino, who have contributed largely in reducing the infection. 

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