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Stroke Rehabilitation Centres in Bangalore & Kochi

Sukino provides the right mixture of care and supervision for the rehabilitation of patients suffering from stroke. Get your loved one rehabilitated at the most comprehensive rehab center available in Bangalore and Kochi.

Many researchers have found that patients who participate in post-stroke rehabilitation programs have a better life quality and perform better than those who don’t. There are a lot of things involved in treatment for stroke patients. Sukino’s physio for stroke patients program includes constraint-induced therapy, range-of-motion therapy, mobility training, etc in the aftercare for stroke patients.

Awareness is the key. One has to be aware of the following important measures to help prevent any sudden onset of second stroke.

Knowledge of the medications and their side effects

Having specific set-up at home to meet the needs of the patient

24/7 monitoring of the survivor routine activities

Precaution after the stroke and during recovery or rehabilitation

Following the dietitians recommended diet plan

Providing the right amount of exercises and physiotherapy

Regular visits to physician

Treatment for Stroke Patients

Post-stroke care is critical for the patients who had recently been attacked. The first three months after the attack is considered to be the golden period for recovery. Survivors who have had one stroke are at high risk of having another one if the treatment programs and plans are not followed systematically, and having this care plan at home is not quite possible.

We, at Sukino, manage the journey of the patient bridging the gap between hospital and home in a seamless and painless manner. At Sukino, we have rehabilitated many post-stroke paralysis patients and helped them managed their daily activities and get their life back to normal. The primary goal of our doctors and nurses team in post-stroke rehabilitation care is to retrain the muscles and nerves of the patients that have sustained injury after the event.

Stroke Rehabilitation Center

Our nurses and caretakers involve the patient in various:

  • Physical exercises - We treat every patient with dedicated care and have a personalized plan for physiotherapy for stroke patients.
  • Cognitive exercises - Our nurses engage patients in various light and creative mental activities which boost the problem-solving ability of the patients.
  • Technology-assisted exercises - Electrical stimulation of the muscles helps in energizing weak muscles thus enhancing the probability of recuperation in patients.

Our “continuum care” model ensures to provide continuity of care to our patients post-hospitalization by being in constant contact with their primary doctors. We have consistently been achieving the best measurable outcomes for patients with our continuity care plan. This is something that we as an organization stands for and proud of.

We provide patients with hygienically prepared food in our continuum centers as per the diet plan advised by their doctors. In adjunct, our operation managers are not only equipped with ins and outs of rehab programs but also well-educated with insurance coverage. Rehabilitation services can vary substantially from one case to another. Amidst all the stroke rehabilitation interventions, patients feel at home with a friendly and caring staff around them.

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