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Palliative Care Centres in Bangalore & Kochi

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) Palliative Care is defined as the approach to patients with life-threatening illness, to improve their quality of life by early identification and management of the complications that cause pain, suffering and other psychosocial, physical and spiritual problems. Understandably, palliative care aims to provide relief from pain and enhance the quality of life, so that patients can lead a reasonably active life filled with dignity and free from any distress.

Sukino provides Palliative Care services at its palliative care centres in Bangalore and Kochi. At our Continuum Care Centres, we support the psychological, physical and social needs of patients suffering from medical conditions that cannot be cured but can only be managed with comfort care. Our services help the family cope with the patient’s illness and provide a level of care that they would find difficult to provide at home, such as specialised care for patients with cancer, chronic kidney disease, tracheostomy or colostomy.

Services and amenities geared for palliative care include:

Doctor supervised pain management

24-hour nursing & care-taking

Ambulant and bed-ridden patient monitoring devices

Bed-sore prevention and management

Portable ventilation support

Specialised nutrition

Drain & Stoma care

Counselling and support

Palliative Care

We believe in taking a holistic approach to the management of pain for patients who are terminally ill. Our palliative care centers have cross disciplinary teams that works towards ensuring the patient is as comfortable as possible. We strive to ensure that we ease both the emotional and physical pain of our guests.

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