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Home Care  Services  in  Bangalore & Kochi

Sukino’s home care services are aimed at managing patients at home in the best possible manner so as to enable optimal recovery and return to normal life after discharge from the hospital. Our home care team has over the years built strong capabilities in post-operative recovery of patients and the management of bed-ridden patients.

Home Care Services

The highly skilled team of experienced nurses and caretakers at Sukino are capable of managing a wide variety of patient requirements, including:

General nursing

Wound management & Bed sore care

IV infusion therapy

Fluid management

Administering oxygen & Nebulization

Portable ventilator & BiPAP/CPAP management

Tracheostomy care & Stoma care

Specialized Feeding (Ryle’s Tube, PEG)

Home Nursing Services Bangalore

Comprehensive Care Coordination

Sukino’s managed home care services go beyond just providing a trained nurse or skilled caretaker at the residence of the patient. We believe in playing the role of an extended family member and take ownership of the patient’s overall care. Our central team works in partnership with the deployed nurse or caretaker at the patient’s home to help with crucial patient requirements.

Scheduling of follow ups with referring consultants

Arranging logistics for dialysis or chemotherapy sessions

Procurement of monthly routine medications

Collection of routine blood sample for diagnostics

Arranging for emergency hospitalization

Coordination of insurance claim processing

Procurement of any medical equipment’s or consumables required by the patient

Home Nursing Services Kochi

Sukino’s nursing team ensures patient assessment is done before staff is deployed. This ensures the staff deployed has the right skills required to manage the patient. Additionally, our team ensures that the staff deployed have the right language skills and profile to communicate with the patient and become their companion in the journey to recovery.

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