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Hip Replacement Rehabilitation Center in Bangalore & Kochi

Sukino provides the best result-oriented rehabilitation and care plan post hip replacement surgery at our total hip replacement rehabilitation and care center in Bangalore and Kochi.

Total Hip replacement is a major surgery and requires extreme care and precaution post-hospitalization. We, at Sukino, offers outcome based rehabilitation care plan at our continuum centers or at the patient's homes. Our structured rehabilitation programs are designed in partnership with your primary consultants and executed by an experienced team of nursing and caretaker under the supervision of onsite doctors. The team provides constant monitoring and assist patients in performing daily activities to help shorten the recovery time and get back to normal life.

Strengthen the muscles around the hip joint

Accelerate the wound healing

Prevent relapse of surgery or dislocation of joint

Awareness and education on prevention of future injury

Total Hip Replacement Rehabilitation

In a rehab after hip replacement surgery, the patients work with physical and occupational therapists who help them get back to their normal life as soon as possible. There is a high chance of infection or relapse if proper precautions are not taken post-surgery. So getting into a rehabilitation facility is highly suggested at least for the first month.

Our in-house expert physiotherapists use advanced methodologies and therapies under the guidance of the patient’s primary treating orthopaedic doctor and we ensure patients strictly adhere to the treatment regimen and the continuity of care is maintained systematically during the stay. We encourage patients to actively participate in their healing programs to expedite the recovery process. Our in-house kitchen facility maintains the diet plan for each patient as per the recommendations of their respective primary doctors/dietitians, and our nurses monitor their diet regimen. We always try to bring the feel, smell and taste of home-cooked food on their plates, but strictly, in compliance with the overall care plan.

Rehab After Hip Replacement Surgery

Our care diminishes the probability of infection and relapse post-surgery. Over the years, we have successfully helped many patients, who had undergone post hip replacement surgery, to recuperate completely and emboldened them to get back to their normal routine as soon as possible.

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