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End of Life Care

Sukino is a pioneer in providing End of Life Care in India. End of life care is support for people who are in the last months or years of their life. Such care helps these individuals to live life as pain-free and comfortable as possible and to die with dignity. To ensure this, our experienced counselling team asks about the individuals wishes and preferences and take these into account when the team works on providing the required medical care to the patient. We have a unique service delivery model that ensures both medical as well as daily living support for people who are terminally ill.

Sukino provides End of Life care both at home or at our Continuum Care Centres in Bangalore and Kochi. In either case, our in-house doctors take overall responsibility for care. Our nurses visit the patient at home and provide required care under the guidance of the doctor. At the care centres, the nursing and care-taking staff work with the supervising doctor to customise the individual’s care plan and the family is kept informed at all times on the patient’s condition.

A key component of end of life care is palliative care In case of any illness that can’t be cured, palliative care makes the individual as comfortable as possible, by managing the pain and other trouble some symptoms. It also involves psychological, social and spiritual support for the patient and their family.

Get the best end stage care at Sukino continuum care centers in Bangalore and Kochi. Sukino’s end stage care makes the individual as comfortable as possible, by managing the pain and other troublesome symptoms.

We provide a comprehensive set of End of Life care services at our palliative care centers and these include:

In-House Doctor Managed Care plan

Dedicated Nursing care 24*7

Palliative Care

Counselling- psychological and spiritual

Post Demise Services- Death Certificate, Ice Box Arrangement, Transportation of Body, Crematorium arrangements, etc. Some of these are arranged through partner agencies having a strong record of reliable services

End Stage Care
post-hospitalization rehabilitation center
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