Sukino Cancer Care provides specialized cancer programs at its residential cancer rehab center.

Sukino Cancer Care provides specialized cancer programs at its residential cancer rehab center.

Whether you are recently diagnosed or have gone through the treatment, Sukino focuses on improving daily function and quality of life for the cancer survivor. We work in tandem with your oncologists to develop personalised rehabilitation programs that are designed to address a wide range of symptoms and disabilities for each type of cancer.




Managed Home Care
Continuum Care Centres
Managed Home Care
Continuum Care Centres
24/7 Nursing
Onsite doctors
Doctor supervised pain management
Personalised physiotherapy
Strength excercises
Comfortable individual furnished rooms
Keep a check on diet
Personalised healthy diet
Close proximity to many major hospitals
Ambulance on request
Counselling and support
Cancer Care Plan

Specialized Cancer Care plan

Sukino Cancer care rehabilitation services are aimed at managing patients at our cancer rehabilitation center in the best possible manner so as to enable optimal recovery and return to normal life after discharge from the hospital. Specialized cancer rehabilitation programs are designed for patients who have undergone major surgery, radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy for cancer of the gastrointestinal tract, bladder, oral cavity. Modalities include drain care, wound care, skin care, IV infusions, pain management and medication, strength exercises to improve mobility and endurance, de-addiction programs, counselling, etc.



About Sukino

Sukino Healthcare Solutions is India’s leading provider of long-term healthcare management for patients with chronic ailments. From services such as rehabilitation, pain management to palliative care, we specialize in every aspect of healthcare service at home or facility. The amenities and services at our centers are aimed at comprehensive rehabilitation, supportive nursing care and keeping the patient engaged in activities that rejuvenate and overcome any reversible disabilities they may have. All these, at cost-effective rates. What sets us apart is our “Continuity of Care Model” that we practice systematically at our centers in Bangalore and Kochi.


Sukino Continuum Care Facility
426, 8th Main Rd, KHB Block Koramangala,
Koramangala 4-B Block, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034.
Ph: +91-7676 299 000.


Sukino Continuum Care Facility
Kariyappilly Apartments, VMB Rd, Koonamthai Pathadipalam Residence Association Block A, Pathadipalam, Edappally, Ernakulam, Kerala 682024. Ph: +91-7676 299 000.

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