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About Us

Sukino is inspired from the mantra ‘Om LokaSamastah Sukino Bhavantu’, that seeks happiness, peace and freedom from suffering for all.


Our vision is to provide continuum care for patients, irrespective of wherever they are in the journey from the hospital to their home. We aspire to be the best provider of long-term health care, including home care and transitional care across India and currently provide services in Bangalore and Kochi. We work with the best hospitals in Bangalore and Kochi to support their patients with our care plans, services and facilities, designed to achieve the best health outcomes and highest patient satisfaction.

Our Core Philosophy:

  • We believe that hospitals treat the disease/ illness and not the individual. We go beyond the disease and try to understand what the patient prefers from a quality of life perspective and try to achieve those goals.
  • We strive for the preservation of patients’ dignity and self-respect in a loving and caring environment.
  • We believe each of our centres provide high degree of patient care in a cost-effective manner.
  • We believe in working with each of our patient families to help them understand the long-term prognosis of their loved one’s ailments and counselling them on the best way forward.
  • We believe our employees are our most valuable resource. We believe in providing an environment in which our employees can reach their maximum potential.
  • We believe in recognizing and rewarding our staff for individual contribution so that they feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in their work.
  • Service location



  • Patients Managed

     Over 1000 patients.

  • Team Strength

     Over 120 employees

  • Continuum Care

     Three centres across Bangalore and Kochi.

  • We Have

     Multidisciplinary Approach Well qualified Doctors / Nurses / Physiotherapists / Counsellors

  • Partners

     Top 6 hospitals in Bangalore and Kochi

The Leadership Team

The On Ground Team


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